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The Clip Show

One of my favorite online series is The Clip Show. I have been watching this show since November 2006 and it has never disappointed. Jim Kirks and Charlie Baker write/produce/shoot this weekly series with wit and high quality production value. I am astounded that they do this all on their own. Someone get them a sponsor, plz!

Here’s a couple of my favs!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Facebook Group

I think I’ve made it clear that Twitter is my favorite social networking site online. My second favorite is a tie between Flickr and Facebook. Today, I decided to make a Facebook group. This seems like a clean, organized way to keep my peeps up to date. I like that members contribute as well. We know how much I love interactivity! Here’s the link if you are interested in joining.

Then, as I twittered that I was setting up the group, Larry Miller (@connectedgeek), replied by making a Facebook Fan Group for me. This is pretty silly but definitely fun. I am in no position to have a fan club but I have to admit its pretty flattering to have someone set one up. Thanks Larry!

Week in Review May 30, 2008

The Andromeda Strain
A&E aired an Andromeda Strain remake with Benjamin Bratt & Eric McCormack that was originally developed by The Sci Fi channel. It got more viewers in key demographics than any other movie on basic cable so far this year.

The trailer for the upcoming Choke has been made available by MTV. Its a movie based on Chuck Palahniuk’s book. I saw the flick in Austin during SXSW and loved it.

Harrison Ford
Han Solo pulled a 40 Year Old Virgin and waxed his chest all in the name of a good cause. I personally enjoyed the behind the scenes footage! (Okay, I totally said “shave” in the video. I temporarily forgot the difference between the scraping of a razor and the ripping of wax. Oops!)

King of Kong: Fist Full of Quarters
Want to see what its like to play for the Donkey Kong world record? The battle of Billy vs. Steve is coming to a television near you Sunday, June 1st on G4.

The band’s latest video proves they know how to rock YouTube! Can you name all the featured viral stars?

Oh, Twitter my love, how I miss thee. Thanks to the Twitter team for keeping us in the loop. I’m still a dedicated user. 🙂


This Mahalo Vlog Idol has had some interesting titles…the Bachelon and now the Mapprentice. This is where the top 6 finalists are reviewed in a board room type setting by Jason and the judges. They narrow the field to the top 2 and sadly I am not one of them.

I must say that I have gotten pretty frustrated through this long and stressful process. Between the bluntness of the judges and the audacity of some commenters, I questioned why I have chosen to pursue this type of career. But, on the flip side, I’ve been so touched by the outpouring of support I’ve received. I can’t thank my fans enough for sending me fabulously positive messages and posting such lovely comments. It was a constant reminder of why I am hooked on the community that is the internet. I want to work in new media because of interactivity. I love connecting and communicating with my audience. And over the past couple months my audience has not only grown but reached out to me even more…so for that I am truly grateful to Jason, the judges and the Mahalo Daily team.

Ask You Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

There are a bunch of conflicting opinions on the latest Indiana Jones flick. Some love it and some seem to hate it. I’ve actually seen it twice already. I don’t feel like its great cinematic genius, it definitely has flaws but I do feel like its a fun, entertaining movie.

Thats just my opinion…for other opinions watch the Ask You Movie Review. Host, Jonathan Nail, hits the local movie theaters and gets immediate reactions from the audiences. Apparently, its all about penis size.

Summer Movie Preview: Part 2

The Incredible Hulk
Marvel’s second installment as a new production company, The Incredible Hulk, stars Edward Norton and Liv Tyler and opens June 13. There has been a heated disagreement over the final cut between Norton and the execs at Marvel Studios. Luckily, this movie doesn’t have nearly the pressure on it since Iron Man did so “incredibly” at the box office. Speaking of…Robert Downey, Jr. has a cameo as Tony Stark!

Get Smart
If you are not aware of the Mel Brooks created TV series Get Smart from the late 60’s, get to TVLand pronto. Granted Steve Carrell is my second favorite actor (behind Will Ferrel) so I might be a bit biased but I think he is the perfect pick for Agent Maxwell Smart. And as jealous as I am that Anne Hathaway took my dream job, I’m content with that casting. On June 20th…you know where I’ll be!

Opening July 2nd, Will Smith plays the conflicted superhero Hancock but I’m more excited that Jason Bateman is playing his PR consultant. Official site is here.

The Dark Knight
Vote Harvey Dent for Gotham DA! Wait…thats not real, its all for a movie. This sequel is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer and my hopes are high that it will be the best of the Batman franchise. Official site and awesome trailer here. *On a side note, Christian Bale just signed on to star as John Conor in 3 Terminator movies.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Scully and Mulder return on July 25. This movie was written by series creator Chris Carter.