A Webisode Prequel?

Here’s something new for us entertainment lovers…the mashup of a web series and novel.

Supposedly, a web series based on the characters of the upcoming book “Foreign Body,” by Robin Cook, will begin airing May 27 for 10 weeks, with the finale premiering the day before the book hits the shelves. Vuguru, Michael Eisner’s web based production company, and publisher G.P. Putnam’s Sons want to build an audience through new media and see if it will translate to archaic media. Uhm, I think most people call them books…remember those?

Vuguru has once again teamed up with Big Fantastic to create the web series. This is where I get excited. These guys first caught my attention when they produced Sam Has 7 Friends. Next, with the backing of Eisner, they released Prom Queen. These four guys have outstanding production values and a knack for dramatic suspense.

I see a few problems with this project but I’m jazzed about the new concept and eager to see how it turns out.


One response to “A Webisode Prequel?

  1. so far the show is pretty good, i’m going to keep watching.

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