A video has been posted to that alludes to an upcoming reunion. I’m stoked!

When I was 11, I went to my first ever concert. I had the coveted tickets for New Kids on the Block at the Tallahassee Civic Center. I owned all their tapes, knew all their songs. I was in love with Joey McIntyre and had his posters plastered on my walls (next to Kirk Cameron and Chad Allen). I carried a blue jean purse covered in NKOTB buttons and slept under a blanket with all five of their faces on it.

I have met 2 of the 5 infamous boy band members, a fact I proudly state whenever I can fit it in. I cherish that Donnie apologized to me for the dirty joke he told in my presence and the snapshot I have with my childhood crush.
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These guys and their music were a fun part of my younger years and for nostalgic reasons I look forward to a reunion.


One response to “WTF! NKOTB Reunion FTW!

  1. Mikie the Masshole

    Foshizzle!!! NKOTB are Boston boys… and although they’re no Tom Brady, they are… as SNL so wonderfully demonstrated in a spoof based on them… “Wicked Awesome!”

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