My Knight in Shining Chrome

Hey, guys!  TGIF, right?  Time to make some big plans for the weekend.  What am I up to, you ask?   WATCHING KNIGHT RIDER ON SUNDAY.  Yeah, I am!

One of the best 80’s television series is being revitalized.  With an updated cast and car, Knight Rider returns to NBC with a 2 hour event Sunday at 9pm.  KITT, Knight Industry Two Thousand, has been upgraded to Three Thousand and I bet its awesome.  Who doesn’t love a talking car and some kickass action?  Watch videos and get pumped up like me here.


2 responses to “My Knight in Shining Chrome

  1. i am gonna show this to my friend, dude

  2. Oh the early excitement… How did this show go wrong with so many people clamoring for it. Let me count the ways.

    But I do appreciate your passion.

    Here is my take on season 1 (with pics) if you are interested – it will make you laugh a little:

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