The Oscars Cont.

I was asked why I hadn’t posted a wrap-up for the Oscars and my answer was…cuz I’m annoyed!

I don’t want to sound negative. I truly respect the Coen brothers and have since “Raising Arizona.” Their offbeat view of life and dark sense of humor speaks to my soul. And I think its because I hold them up on a pedestal that I am so disappointed with No Country for Old Men. They let me down with this film.

The Academy is known for overlooking people and understandably regretting it down the road. They are also known for recognizing an artist’s body of work. Thats obviously what happened here. They wanted the Coen brothers to get the recognition they deserve but it shouldn’t have been this film. Now, in a few years, PT Anderson is going to win for a film that won’t be his best. But, that will be the Academy’s way of making it up to him. Its an annoying cycle.

I did enjoy the telecast overall. Jon Stewart was entertaining as usual. I had heard there were a ton of montages cut prior to the end of the strike since there might not have been any writing allowed. I’m really glad they kept them. I loved seeing all the old footage. Hollywood history is something that excites me. Which is why I loved this blog post of all the best picture posters. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I would love to have a room covered in them one day.


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