Week in Review Feb. 29, 2008

What happened this week in Nerdtainment?

We got a little bit of hunky Matt Damon, some Playboy and of course staples like MySpace, NBC and Apple.

Show links:

Stage 6, Stage 9, TMZ, Special Delivery, quarterlife, Miss Playboy Mobile 2008, Sarah Silverman & Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel & Ben Affleck, Seth Rogan & Elizabeth Banks


2 responses to “Week in Review Feb. 29, 2008

  1. Completely agree with the BOO! to ABC for no embeds with Squeegees. If people like it they are just going to pirate the eps (and strip off the ads) so that they can share. They’re setting themselves up to lose if its successful.

  2. nerdtainment is WIN!

    and after the extensive delays stage 9 had coming out of the gate, it’s pretty awful that they let down their content creators with such lousy web experiences for the viewers. i mean, embeds and feeds are internet 101.

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