Just about everyone I know is gearing up for this years SXSW, including me! I’m trying to organize myself, figure out what I need to do/who I need to track down while in Austin and of course pack. I’m a bit hectic because I’m squeezing in a trip to Atlanta prior to Austin. My bestest friend from my young’n days is preggos with her first kid and I need to go see this baby bump before it turns into an actual child.

But, back to SXSW. I went last year with Julie for Nontourage. I had soooooo much fun. Thats where I first met Scott and Pete of iTunes, the Ask a Ninja guys and the power agents of UTA. I also stood a few feet away from Ze Frank! Aaaaand…I ate some awesome BBQ. Here’s the video Julie and I made from that trip. But, don’t look at my hair! Austin is humid and my hair does crazy things in humidy.

Its so funny that I’m setting up Twitter in this vid. Since then it has been a huge part of my life. I gotsta get back to packing…if you are going to be in Austin, drop me a line!


3 responses to “SXSW FTW

  1. “we’re sorry, this video is no longer available.”


  2. ok, weird – now it works.

    my bad, yo.

  3. don’t freak me out like that steve!

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