Week in Review March 28, 2008

SCIFI Central
SCIFI.com is doing it up right with a bunch new options for your online entertainment pleasure. You can read the press release here.

Primetime Emmys
Congrats to the Big Fantastic gentlemen for the featured video on the Primetime Emmy website. The videos are promoting the new Broadband category for this years Primetime Emmy award ceremony. Big Fantastic was nominated for two Broadband Emmy’s in last years Daytime Emmy competition.

Def Leppard on Guitar Hero
In an interview on the radio show Rockline, Def Leppard supposedly answered a callers question about why they had not been included on any Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Def Leppard reported that they will have 3 songs on GH4. Finally!!

Star Wars New Home
Time to get your Star Wars on! Spike TV will be airing the entire saga this April.

Darth Weinstein
Oh, the drama of Fanboys! Check out an overview of this controversy and then check out the fans who really, really care.


One response to “Week in Review March 28, 2008

  1. Pretty cool about Big Fantastic!

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