Video on Flickr

What is the point to video on Flickr? I’m all for video on the net but Flickr is set up so nicely as a photo sharing site. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

I happen to enjoy the simplicity of a website that is focused on one thing. Twitter = updates no longer than 140 characters, Flickr = photos…I’m on these sites all day long, whereas Facebook and MySpace have soooo much going on that I can’t visit more than once a day, its overwhelming.

I hope this turns out to be a complimentary addition to Flickr and not some crazy version of YouTube but I am being pessimistic at the moment. Check out the photo pool “We say NO to videos on Flickr”. People are so creative!


3 responses to “Video on Flickr

  1. I hope Flickr will have enough bandwidth to handle both photo’s and vid’s.
    Remember how slow Twitter was last April and May

  2. yeah, i kinda feel the same way.

  3. I dunno. I’m a huge Flickr fan. It never occurred to me that they’d host video there. I know people are concerned (overly, really) that Flickr will devolve into a YouTubish online video nightmare, but I truly see the video as a complimentary service. 90 seconds is diddly, really. And because Flickr is so photocentric, I think its users will simply utilize the lame-o “movie” features on their still cameras for quickie moments. Moving snapshots, literally. Video doodles. Jen Proctor calls them Voodles.

    I say “Yay, voodles!”

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