Mahalo Daily Idol

Christina Warren
Christina co-hosts The Squadcast with Grant Robertson. They started with the Christina Drinks Your Milkshake video.

Secret Agent Clip
Julie Daman and I made a video map of a TV home tour.

Jackson West Interview
I interviewed Jackson West at SXSW 2007 for Nontourage’s Techie Travels.

The Vloggies
Julie and I documented out trip to San Francisco in November 2006 for The Vloggie Awards where we ended up taking home a couple statues for Almost There!

Snowboarding Clips
For obvious reasons this footage has never before been published for public consumption. Your welcome. 🙂

Vulcan Death Pinch
Casey McKinnon was kind enough to work with me in a little video we like to call Galactourage. Girl fight!

Mahalo Daily
This daily podcast supplements the web directory


8 responses to “Mahalo Daily Idol

  1. OK — that was just badass!

  2. Jason should hire you. now. Sarah you are very creative.
    I wish you the best.

  3. I’m cheering for you!!!

  4. Sarah Atwood FTW!

    Careful whachoo wish for… 😉

  5. This is our one stop shop to keep our finger on the pulse of what nerds watch! (this can be used as a quote for promotional porpoises)!

    Jackson, we dig the hats. Nicholas could do a better job at personal branding. Thought about white suits, but these are already taken by Tom Wolfe.

  6. glad to see Galactourage again! good luck!!

  7. You snowboard? Done. In. That’s a cool you just can’t buy:)

  8. Mahalo needs your talent and knowledge

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