Twitter’s Like a Family!

This weekend is the beginning of the Mahalo Idol auditions. I am revved up and ready to go! They are fairly extensive and a great PR campaign for the show. Part of it will be streamed live Saturday from 2-4pm with “celebrity judges”…so tune in if ya can! It promises to be an entertaining parade of chicas if nothing else.

I am, of course, rooting for myself to get the gig but I found my second choice. (if for some reason I don’t get hired) Alana Taylor. Why? Cuz she wrote a song about Twitter. If you have learned anything about me in our times together here at wordpress, its that I. <3. Twitter. Alana wins my respect for the awesome lyrics in “The Twitter Song.”

When I wake up in the morning,
The first thing I see,
Is an e-mail in my Gmail,
Sayin’ you’re followin’ me.

And next thing you know,
I’m followin’ you,
Not everybody does it,
But me and Scoble do.

Cuz Twitter beats Facebook any day,
140 characters is all you need to say.

Cool thing ’bout Twitter is you meet new people,
You even get to stalk the famous ones too,
We’ve got Veronica Belmont from Mahalo Daily,
Barack Obama and Hugh MacLeod too.


Twitter’s like a family,
As long as you’re not spamming me,
We keep in touch, we share too much,
And @Garyvee meets up for lunch!


But be careful, with you’re iPhone…
Don’t DM the whole worlldddddd


She notes on YouTube that she’s not a singer and her guitar is out of tune but I appreciate her admiration for the one…the only…TWITTER! Here’s the vid…


3 responses to “Twitter’s Like a Family!

  1. Sarah… you are too sweet. Thanks so much for that. Best of luck in the Mahalo contest. I thought your video was really clever 🙂

  2. this so is so awesome! i ❤ twitter too! i hope you win the Mahalo contest, sarah 🙂

  3. oops :p that was supposed to say song. the song is awesome.

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