Summer Movie Preview: Part 1

Iron Man
The Iron Man site has pictures and a trailer that will pump you up! There’s some good reading at THR and EW.

Speed Racer
The Speed Racer site has several trailers, a game and a location guide so you can find where to watch it in IMAX. EW has an interview with Christina Ricci.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The theme song starts immediately when you visit the Indiana Jones site and makes you want to see this movie pronto! There is a fun Q & A with Speilberg and Lucas here.


5 responses to “Summer Movie Preview: Part 1

  1. Good episode. Buns likes speed racer.

  2. I really don’t like Robert Downey Jr. but since they chose him to play Ironman I have no choice but to support him and see it!

    Regardless of that fact I am still excited about all three of these movies.

  3. Um…The Dark Knight?! =)

  4. @Daniel The Dark Knight opens July 18. This ep only covered the ones coming out in May.

    @Vu Yeah, Downey Jr. was an interesting choice. We will see how that turns out!

    @Buns Thanks!

  5. Ah, my bad. I’m at work so I wasn’t able to watch the video. I look forward to watching it later and ep.2!

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