Week in Review May 16, 2008

The Really Big Internet Show, produced by Carson Daly and hosted by iJustine will begin airing in July.

A Day with the Hiltons
This webseries, from TV Guide Broadband, follows a mother-daughter spending the day being pampered with the Hiltons all to promote Kathy’s perfume My Secret.

Lindsay Campbell
While filming an episode of Moblogic at a Sean Bell protest, Lindsay signed up to be arrested and got some insider footage. Read her executive producers blog here.

May Upfronts
NBC Digital, ABC, CW, CBS and FOX announced their 2008-2009 television/internet schedule.

You can now download HBO’s biggest hits from iTunes!


9 responses to “Week in Review May 16, 2008

  1. Good job @wood!

  2. How can you say that about The Big Bang Theory? My wife is not a nerd nor a geek, but she still “gets” that show. That was a surprising statement you made considering your show is called nerdtainment. 🙂 Just ask Andy Ihnatko.

  3. @tonywalla
    My first take on The Big Bang Theory was that it was overly stereotypically written…the socially inept guys who would do anything for the hot blonde. I just didn’t feel it was well done. But, I will gladly check it out again this season and give it another chance. Thanks for letting me know there are fans of this show!

  4. You are such a nerd; and I love it!!

  5. I love the Big Bang Theory! While it may seem a little stereotypical, the writing is funny. Please give it another chance!

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  7. connectedgeek

    Sarah!! How can you say that about my TBBT (The Big Bang Theory)??? The show is beyond BRILLIANT!!! My wife loves it too and she isn’t even a geek like me 🙂 Give it another chance! plz 🙂 – http://www.cbs.com/primetime/big_bang_theory/ – watch it online 🙂

  8. I love that you guys are so passionate about The Big Bang Theory.

  9. As a guy who love quantum physics and microbiology (studying the latter at GMU) I can tell you that it is really fun to watch Big Bang Theory. I know it’s not for everybody, but I’m glad there are enough of us out there to keep it going. Give it a second chance if you can!

    This is my first taste of your video and I’ll definitely check back for more.

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