Summer Movie Preview: Part 2

The Incredible Hulk
Marvel’s second installment as a new production company, The Incredible Hulk, stars Edward Norton and Liv Tyler and opens June 13. There has been a heated disagreement over the final cut between Norton and the execs at Marvel Studios. Luckily, this movie doesn’t have nearly the pressure on it since Iron Man did so “incredibly” at the box office. Speaking of…Robert Downey, Jr. has a cameo as Tony Stark!

Get Smart
If you are not aware of the Mel Brooks created TV series Get Smart from the late 60’s, get to TVLand pronto. Granted Steve Carrell is my second favorite actor (behind Will Ferrel) so I might be a bit biased but I think he is the perfect pick for Agent Maxwell Smart. And as jealous as I am that Anne Hathaway took my dream job, I’m content with that casting. On June 20th…you know where I’ll be!

Opening July 2nd, Will Smith plays the conflicted superhero Hancock but I’m more excited that Jason Bateman is playing his PR consultant. Official site is here.

The Dark Knight
Vote Harvey Dent for Gotham DA! Wait…thats not real, its all for a movie. This sequel is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer and my hopes are high that it will be the best of the Batman franchise. Official site and awesome trailer here. *On a side note, Christian Bale just signed on to star as John Conor in 3 Terminator movies.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Scully and Mulder return on July 25. This movie was written by series creator Chris Carter.


8 responses to “Summer Movie Preview: Part 2

  1. if the mahalo thing doesn’t work out and i get to work for any sort of web video thingy ma bobber you’re hired!

    Great on location shoot!!!

  2. And the Ask You Movie Review-er (ME!) will be there for each weekend opening. Can’t wait!

    Love the summer previews, love. Especially love the Up Escalator/Down Escalator intro/outro.


  3. @Andrew: Sounds like a plan!

    @Jonathan: Good to know, I expect Ask You Movie Reveiws for each of these flicks.

  4. RE: Hulk – I thought the first movie was pretty good, but the desert scene went on too long. The Brian De Palma-style directing by Ang Lee was awesome… it was only the CGI that I disliked. I wasn’t crazy about Eric Bana, but Jennifer Connelly was gorgeous. I geeked out a bit when they threw in David Banner as well, but the father-son thing was a little far fetched. I roll my eyes at the thought of a new one… but I do love Edward Norton, so I’ll have to see it for him.

    RE: Get Smart – THE ROCK IS IN IT!!!!!!!! Damn, I love the Rock. I’ve been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw it was being filmed a few doors down from my apartment:

    RE: Hancock – FTW!!!! I’ve heard mixed reviews so far. The trailer looks hilarious, but I hear that the movie is a little disorganized and hard to really understand. I hope it rocks because the director is supposed to be working on the next Dune film (GEEK OUT!!!! My fav story of all time XD)

    RE: The Dark Knight – Looks fucking amazing… SO SAD that Heath Ledger is gone, because he looks GREAT in this and I would have loved to see more 😦

    RE: X-Files – David Duchovny makes my knees weak… need I say more?

  5. PS: RE: Original Hulk – Lou Ferrigno cameo FTW!!!

  6. connectedgeek

    great job!! and i will get snippy with you if i want too 🙂

  7. Another great episode of nerdtainment, Sarah! I am really looking forward to Hancock & Get Smart, as my cousin is in both of those movies. Cheers!

  8. Great. More movie review stuff. More.

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