This Mahalo Vlog Idol has had some interesting titles…the Bachelon and now the Mapprentice. This is where the top 6 finalists are reviewed in a board room type setting by Jason and the judges. They narrow the field to the top 2 and sadly I am not one of them.

I must say that I have gotten pretty frustrated through this long and stressful process. Between the bluntness of the judges and the audacity of some commenters, I questioned why I have chosen to pursue this type of career. But, on the flip side, I’ve been so touched by the outpouring of support I’ve received. I can’t thank my fans enough for sending me fabulously positive messages and posting such lovely comments. It was a constant reminder of why I am hooked on the community that is the internet. I want to work in new media because of interactivity. I love connecting and communicating with my audience. And over the past couple months my audience has not only grown but reached out to me even more…so for that I am truly grateful to Jason, the judges and the Mahalo Daily team.


37 responses to “Mapprentice?

  1. I was actually kind of amazed at how shallow some of the commenters were. It wasn’t quite down to YouTube level, but also nothing you should really take to heart. I would love to see this turn out like American Idol always does, where the best contestants all end up with recording contracts anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Well I hope this opens more doors for you. I liked you from the get go and hope you land a job on some sort of weekly show.

  3. Hey there @w00d…you were far and away the best of all of the candidates. I’m disappointed that you didn’t make it through but I’m sure that your talents will be put to better use elsewhere. As for the future of Mahalo Daily, I can honestly say that none of the remaining candidates are going to be much incentive for me to continue watching.

    I’m glad you took on the challenge though.

  4. Sarah… this whole process at Mahola was FAR too harsh in my view. Frankly I am slightly offended by it… and, considering this more… it really goes against the whole “Brand” of Mahalo!

    I feel badly that your whole potential career at Mahalo was based on ONE episode… that seems so flawed to me. People were horribly rude and very immature in regard to your effort. Very, very sad as far as I am concerned.

    Don’t lose heart… and from what I can tell from the post here… you are determined to continue. I am glad to hear that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Remember… “the only failure is a no try!”

    I commend you on your effort at Mahalo… *high five!!!*

    I’ll be watching and keeping up with you here at Nerdtainment!

    Pressing on…

  5. sorry to hear you didn’t make it. It won’t take long though for someone to offer you a gig. You’re amazing.

  6. See this is what I’m talking about…you guys are amazing!
    @Ken *high five* right back atchya

  7. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t move on. I think you really deserved it. I hope this and the mean spirited comments don’t discourage you. Like you mentioned above, this has grown your audience. I know I’m planning to stick around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I agree with Jay. Don’t take it to heart. Calacanis is full of himself, so is Mahalo. There is a lot more out there for you, and this web thing is what you make of it. Keep making your own shows, open the bag even wider and pull out all the stops. Create something new that isn’t restricted by other people’s “creative vision”.

    MD is now without their creative muse, Veronica, and the show will be what it will end up being, which probably won’t be much. Their comments were not helpful. It sounds like they don’t know what they were looking for, to be honest. Unfortunately the course of the show will come out showing that there is no real creative direction, no vision.

    So put this behind you and pour your energy into creating for yourself. We’ll all be here watching. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Bet something great comes out of this, just you watch. You have kept a great attitude going, thats key!

  10. wow! your last response on why you should get the job was compelling, persuading, and passionate.

    I was pulling for you!!!

    You totally kick ass !

  11. Sorry you didn’t get it, but I truly believe you are on to bigger and better things and that this was not the be-all-end-all of opportunities. You are SO bright and talented and you will find your “thing” soon. Lots of love and support, Casey xoxox

  12. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I’m buying the drinks!

  13. Sarah!! You are amazing =) I would have loved to see you take the whole enchilada. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to meet you. It was a pleasure to be around someone real in the middle of all the bs that can at times be Los Angeles. Thanks for bringing warmth and life to this experience ๐Ÿ˜Ž


  14. Aw, I am so bummed to hear this! I was rooting for you girl!!

    I think you know that I was on that show ‘who wants to be a Superhero’. You wouldn’t believe some of the comments people made about me. My favorite some one who thought I was really man or a transvestite. That was my favorite!

    I didn’t pay any mind to the mean stuff but it drove my Husband crazy. My friend had good advice for me. He said there are ‘doers’ and ‘reviewers’. It takes a lot of guts to step into the light and you were awesome!

    Things like this toughen your skin but you also get some really nice feed back too.

    I will be following you!

    XO Melody

  15. As I’ve watched this process unfold I’ve wondered if the experience of doing it actually outweighed the benefit of winning. Yeah winning might have been nice but as a finalist you’ve already expanded your audience, gotten better at what you do and connected to people. That’s not so bad.

  16. Hey Sarah,

    Sorry to hear the news, but I’m so glad I’ve been introduced to you and your brand by everything you’ve done over the last couple of weeks. Sure, hosting Mahalo Daily would have been a cool job, but considering how they’ve dragged everything on and treated you talented individuals pretty inappropriately at times, I wonder if you’re better off without the gig anyway.

    I have a feeling you can be bigger than Mahalo Daily if you continue to try (as you’ve done) and succeed (as you’ve done as well).

    Let us know if there’s anything we can ever do for ya!

  17. Well, feel bad that you didn’t make it. You are my favorite. You are the one that is most fit into the MD format. I’ll still watch MD, I just hope it wouldn’t be ended up like Rocketboom. Even though I start watching RB again. Keep trying, there always bigger things to come. Just work hard. I’m sorta in the “moving on” state with my job. I, also, try to work hard like you. Good luck.

  18. It seemed to me – on the outside, anyway – that the whole picking a replacement wasn’t about the person, but about the spectacle of selection. While I’m sorry that you didn’t get the result that you wanted, I agree with everyone else who’s commented before me – bigger and better is the mantra o’ the day!

  19. just watched the episode, those girls were catty. Damn Gina!!

    I think there was conspiracy to gang up on you cause they were scared of how much experience you bring to the table. So let them act like teenage girls and go out there and kick some vlog ass, your show (which is just a matter of time before someone hires you) will be so much better.

    Keep your chin up. Hope you know how much your fan base appreciates what you do.

    Seriously, drinks on me.

  20. Hi Sarah.
    Sorry you didn’t make it ‘though to the next round.’
    Good luck on the next opportunity!

  21. Hey Sarah, so many of the commenters are right. I came to Mahalo following Veronica and that really was pretty much it. So when she was leaving I really couldn’t justify watching it. I think Jason is trying to get something going there but it never quite reached out to me without Veronica. So the thought of someone like you getting it after seeing some of your past work and just communicating with you gave me some hope it may be worth it. But not to be cruel to the other girls, they didn’t have anything different I couldn’t find on the evening news. The chances of me subscribing is unlikely.

    I believe someone with some kind of creative sense who want to find a host that the viewers can relate to and come to love will find you and put you to work. I wish I was at that point in my career now because I would scoop you up right away. Whatever you do I will be there cheering you on and watching. And this whole internet television thing…there is so much yet to come.

  22. You were my favorite out of them all! I’m sad you didn’t make it. I’m adding you to my RSS though and look forward to seeing what you do now. Good luck.

  23. Just two thoughts:

    – Would have been cool to see you go all the way through. I get the feeling that you alone among the finalists had the long game and could have made MD even better. Too bad about the one episode that sunk you.

    – Hosting school? There actually is hosting school??

  24. One episode was not nearly enough. Needed to be at least 2 to REALLY showcase your talents. I am anxious to see what else you have in store in regards to internet netcasting (as Leo Laporte calls it).
    Congrats though on your site making it to one of my dailies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hey Sarah,

    I really liked the stuff you did for the show. I hope you get your own video podcast sometime soon. you have a very good chance to become some next great thing!

  26. Sarah, as usual, you are always gracious and I think you have the right stuff – regardless of the dweeb panel. Hang in there. There are LOTS of folks pulling for you – it’s ALL within your reach! See ya soon!

  27. Well…


    The above well and hmmm are all of the things I wanted to say about the whole selection process… I truly had a lot more to say and I may just say them in my podcast tomorrow (with you – hopefully). As you know, I am deeply sad that you did not make it and to be honest I am kinda glad you didn’t…

    As some one said above… it’s like American Idol were all the finalist get a gig anyway. Well, I think you are going to get the gig of a life time and I hope you do!

    I am very proud of you!!

  28. Like Larry you know bummed too! Great showing, and thanks so much for giving it a shot.

    Someone hire Sarah asap! Pay her too much as well please. thx


  29. I’m sad you didn’t get it but I agree with Casey, you are on to bigger and better things.

    As for the jerk commentors. I was reading Ariels blog earlier and liked this quote from her;
    “I feel like itโ€™s a prerequisite for any blogger or person who puts themselves โ€œout thereโ€ to have a thick skin.”

    Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  30. Hey Sarah,

    it was a little heartbreaking for me to see you canned from Mahalo Daily, but you’re probably one of the most courteous people I know among the bunch in that competition. I know I did some campaigning for Andrea (17 diggs and counting on my article) but I sincerely regret it now because I lost sight of how she would fair in the long run for Mahalo Daily. I think you’re honest and humble about your strengths and weaknesses. And I feel obliged to atleast leave you with some love for your efforts. I wish you well for your next endeavors.


  31. I am sad too that you didn’t get the job, but you stuck with the long, long process and did an excellent job.

    Don’t take the criticism to heart – one of the downsides of the privacy of the internet is that people can (and do) say things there that they would never say in person.

    This applies even to the judges – they were emulating the reality shows and merely comfirmed to me that my decision not to watch such shows was a good choice.

    On the bright side you got great exposure and a whole new fan base. It could be far, far worse.

    Good luck! I am sure you will land somewhere as good if not better.

  32. You definitely shouldn’t be too discouraged by this experience. If anything, you should be inspired by the exposure it’s gotten you. You made it to the final 4 out of a lot of submissions, plenty of comments were sticking it out for you through the most recent episode, and you clearly have a solid audience for your blog (much more than I can say for my amateur blog ;). At least you’re not getting the negative comments that Andrea Rene is getting, I feel sorry for her. I don’t find her all that arrogant, to be honest.

    Definitely don’t take to heart some of the worse comments. I mean come on, when someone says “What really annoyed me was how fake her โ€œyayโ€ was” then they’re clearly an idiot because they don’t get the subtle joke of it. That’s exactly how I’d say that ‘yay’ in that situation so wtf? Even on my little blog (that like no one reads, not even my brother) I’ve gotten harshly negative comments essentially calling me a complete imbecile. It happens. We live in this YouTube-comment world where people hide behind a computer and use it to say stupid things because it makes them feel better to belittle someone else.

    Take the positive with you, learn from the constructive criticism, and just move on. You clearly have a lot going for you (the fact that you have the look down, much like Veronica has this great look down for being nerd chic, is already like +100) is a lot to add to the fact that you clearly are really good on camera. I think women need a good role model when it comes to technology; it really saddens me how many women shun a career in CS and I can’t help but think that it’s because there’s no prominent women in technology for them to look up to. What will happen in software if only men design it? I really think that it’s great that there are people like you and Veronica not being flirty and slutty online despite being attractive but instead using your talents to be intelligent and fun and informative.

    I’m serious though about you being on Pop Siren =P I’m tired of Jessica Corbin, she’s so awkward. The best part of that show is Dr. Kiki. Anyway, I’ll try to remember to keep coming back to this blog when I get back (on vacation, taking the day off from my vacation today ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I hope to see great things!

  33. You were my favorite! Darn. You definitely had the most geek-cred. Give Revision3 a call…see if they want another Veronica!

  34. I haven’t watched all six yet, but I did watch your hula clip. I thought you were perfect. Just the right mix of cute as a button nerdness (just like Veronica) with easy competence. My only criticism is that when I see “hula” I’m expecting some hot Hawaiian girls with perfect waistlines in grass skirts shaking their hips. Where were they? I think more grass skirts and hip shaking would have improved your chances.

  35. “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

    — Alexander Graham Bell

    Sarah, perhaps this wasn’t the right gig for you. I’m sure something even better is just around the bend.

  36. I can understand your frustration. This was a sexist as hell contest from the start. It helped to solidify my dislike of Jason and ended some subscriptions affiliated with various judges too.

    Definitely not the right gig for you. You are so much better than ‘that’.

  37. Sarah, I want you to know that although I didn’t support your bid for being the next Mahalo Daily host, I really think you’re amazing.

    It’s not that I dislike you (and I think this is a sentiment many people have), it’s that we were being particularly critical of the “contestants” for a show we’ve come to love. It’s almost impossible to find someone to replace Veronica, since she started Mahalo Daily and set the tone for the podcast. I think many people found it important to find someone who had a similar vibe.

    I’m not expressing this very well, to be honest. I guess the point is that you shouldn’t be discouraged that you didn’t become the host. Of all of the potential hosts, I thought you were the most genuine. In particular, I found the caring way you presented your episode on hula to be really sweet.

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