Week in Review May 30, 2008

The Andromeda Strain
A&E aired an Andromeda Strain remake with Benjamin Bratt & Eric McCormack that was originally developed by The Sci Fi channel. It got more viewers in key demographics than any other movie on basic cable so far this year.

The trailer for the upcoming Choke has been made available by MTV. Its a movie based on Chuck Palahniuk’s book. I saw the flick in Austin during SXSW and loved it.

Harrison Ford
Han Solo pulled a 40 Year Old Virgin and waxed his chest all in the name of a good cause. I personally enjoyed the behind the scenes footage! (Okay, I totally said “shave” in the video. I temporarily forgot the difference between the scraping of a razor and the ripping of wax. Oops!)

King of Kong: Fist Full of Quarters
Want to see what its like to play for the Donkey Kong world record? The battle of Billy vs. Steve is coming to a television near you Sunday, June 1st on G4.

The band’s latest video proves they know how to rock YouTube! Can you name all the featured viral stars?

Oh, Twitter my love, how I miss thee. Thanks to the Twitter team for keeping us in the loop. I’m still a dedicated user. 🙂


16 responses to “Week in Review May 30, 2008

  1. Ha!!! Yes… the new Weezer video is awesome. I was thrilled to see the “Choco-Rain” dood :-). Anyway… awesome vid, no doubt!

    On the Twitter dealio… I hear ya!!! Yes… I am frustrated whenever I am unable to post, but… as you noted they are re-structuring. Hoping for the best on that…

  2. I just watched The Andromeda Strain last night and must say that it was very bad. There was a lot of anticipation for this as well as a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it did not capitalize on that potential. The sub plots and opening for a sequel took away from the story.

  3. Sounds like you have a jet about to take off near the end of your cast. You going somewhere? 🙂

    LOVED the Weezer vid.

    Rain Forest. Where as the rain forest will never grow back… Harrison’s chest hair will.

  4. I agree about the twitter stuff…I personally use it fairly often but I’ve really never noticed a major outage. It is annoying that Digsby is always nagging me when they go down though.

  5. Duh!!! From here on out, I’ll make sure I’m logged in when I post… ugh 🙂

    Oh… LOVE the Macs in the background! Of course… I’m a Mac 😉

  6. @TWMoore: potential + anticipation = lots of viewers, doesn’t always = living up to the hype
    @JonathanNail: thats my MBP telling me to give it a rest!
    @Ken: I moved recently and am trying different backgrounds until I get settled. I 2 am a Mac!

  7. Like we are all going to avoid twitter when it comes back and works right! We are all in for the long haul

  8. Don’t tell me the behind the scenes footage of Harrison Ford involves him being attacked by a big giant ball of hot wax. Let’s not forget the product placement, “I take Aleve when my joints are dry from boulder-running.”

  9. Wow… that Harrison Ford ad was surprisingly ineffective. I’m pretty disappointed that he hardly reacted to the waxing…

    RE: The Andromeda Strain – I was SO disappointed with it… they should have just played the original.

  10. I want to leave a video comment.

    Great stuff! I love the show and the host!

    Can you come and do the news for the clip show. I will clean your house as payment?

  11. Hope Choke was good. I read Chuck’s novel years ago and hope the film adaptation lives up to the book.

  12. @Daniel: I never read the book so unfortunately I can’t compare.
    @Jim Kirks: Just booked a flight to Colorado!

  13. I am all for being supportive of Twitter, but due to the recent news that they are blaming users like Robert Scoble for their outages instead of their incompetence to build a scaled messaging system, I don’t feel any love for them. I am still using Twitter, but they need to take responsibility and not go blaming users for their issues. Ev & Biz are acting like babies when they go blaming users and can’t take responsibility.

  14. @Jacob Burke: I actually didn’t feel that post was blaming users. It said that heavy users (and they didn’t use any specific names) taxed their framework. I felt like that was just them honestly stating that they weren’t built for that, IMO.

  15. @Sarah: I will admit when I am wrong and I was with this one. After re-reading, Scoble’s named was never mentioned directly. It’s all the chatter surrounding the issue that had me thinking that Twitter was directly blaming Scoble. Thanks for setting me straight on this one 😉

  16. I loved the content in this video and you had great energy! Do you mind if I make a suggestion?

    I think the video would look even more professional if you were to splice in clips and images from the things you were talking about. Not sure what software you’re using for editing, but even in iMovie it isn’t terribly hard to do this (the harder part is getting the video itself, but if you have a Mac then there’s iShowU and PC has some other options for screen capture).

    While surely no one would complain about looking at your face for the entirety of the video, the bottom line is that I’d get the same content and effect if I just pulled the audio from your video and listened to it on an mp3 player. You see what I mean?

    That’s just my two cents, take it or leave it =P Great job though overall!

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