Mahalo Top 6

The top six in Mahalo Vlog Idol were asked to produce and host an episode for the next round of challenges. Today mine was posted. With all this Mahalo talk, I’ve been dreaming about visiting Hawaii. Since that isn’t an option, I figured lets learn about Hula dancing! I had lots of fun shooting it with Conrad and John and editing it with Michael, all fabulous guys on the Mahalo Daily team. Kalua, the Hula teacher I interviewed, turned out to be a cool lady. She told me stories of her years performing with the USO as a young child. She even had a dance off with Sammy Davis Jr. How cool is that?!

Please, help me continue in this competition by leaving a comment on Mahalo Daily. I truly appreciate the support. 🙂


Week in Review May 16, 2008

The Really Big Internet Show, produced by Carson Daly and hosted by iJustine will begin airing in July.

A Day with the Hiltons
This webseries, from TV Guide Broadband, follows a mother-daughter spending the day being pampered with the Hiltons all to promote Kathy’s perfume My Secret.

Lindsay Campbell
While filming an episode of Moblogic at a Sean Bell protest, Lindsay signed up to be arrested and got some insider footage. Read her executive producers blog here.

May Upfronts
NBC Digital, ABC, CW, CBS and FOX announced their 2008-2009 television/internet schedule.

You can now download HBO’s biggest hits from iTunes!

The BacheLON, Episode 1

The Mahalo Vlog Idol continues.  The top 20 were narrowed down to the top 12 and those 12 have entered the Bachelon!  This was a far better round for me.  I was comfortable doing the “man on the street” competition and the judges were impressed…even Alex!  I am featured in the first episode…check it out.

Hottest Hottie on the Web

Finally! After countless lists of the hottest females on the web, New Media Minute has compiled 8 of the hottest male weblebrities. Among the list is one of my favorites, Dr. Tiki! Voting ends Friday…cast your vote here.

Week in Review May 2, 2008

Sorry, no video this week!

Jessica Rose
Lonelygirl15’s Jessica Rose is returning to the interwebs! She is starring in a new series called “Blood Cell”. This show looks straight up creepy. Hit up the trailer at

Free Coldplay
Coldplay is giving away their new single Violet Hill on their website until Tuesday, May 6.

Viral on Veoh
Congratulations to Cory Tyler of Can We Do That! He has been chosen to join Viral as co-host. The team behind Viral posted some fun behind the scenes vlogs of the audition process.

Amanda Congdon
A new webseries, Sometimesdaily, centered around Amanda begins May 5th. From the trailer, I have no idea what this show is going to be about.

Mahalo Vlog Idol Episode 3

Mahalo Daily started posting their Idol episodes on Monday.   Its really well produced.  I love how they are editing them.  I’m also enjoying watching how the other girls performed since I only got to know them in the waiting area.  Today features my round 2 mock interview.  You can totally tell I’m nervous.  I wasn’t my bubbly self.  They even threw in an awesome yawn from Alex in the middle of my performance.  🙂  Good times!

Summer Movie Preview: Part 1

Iron Man
The Iron Man site has pictures and a trailer that will pump you up! There’s some good reading at THR and EW.

Speed Racer
The Speed Racer site has several trailers, a game and a location guide so you can find where to watch it in IMAX. EW has an interview with Christina Ricci.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The theme song starts immediately when you visit the Indiana Jones site and makes you want to see this movie pronto! There is a fun Q & A with Speilberg and Lucas here.