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This Mahalo Vlog Idol has had some interesting titles…the Bachelon and now the Mapprentice. This is where the top 6 finalists are reviewed in a board room type setting by Jason and the judges. They narrow the field to the top 2 and sadly I am not one of them.

I must say that I have gotten pretty frustrated through this long and stressful process. Between the bluntness of the judges and the audacity of some commenters, I questioned why I have chosen to pursue this type of career. But, on the flip side, I’ve been so touched by the outpouring of support I’ve received. I can’t thank my fans enough for sending me fabulously positive messages and posting such lovely comments. It was a constant reminder of why I am hooked on the community that is the internet. I want to work in new media because of interactivity. I love connecting and communicating with my audience. And over the past couple months my audience has not only grown but reached out to me even more…so for that I am truly grateful to Jason, the judges and the Mahalo Daily team.


Mahalo Top 6

The top six in Mahalo Vlog Idol were asked to produce and host an episode for the next round of challenges. Today mine was posted. With all this Mahalo talk, I’ve been dreaming about visiting Hawaii. Since that isn’t an option, I figured lets learn about Hula dancing! I had lots of fun shooting it with Conrad and John and editing it with Michael, all fabulous guys on the Mahalo Daily team. Kalua, the Hula teacher I interviewed, turned out to be a cool lady. She told me stories of her years performing with the USO as a young child. She even had a dance off with Sammy Davis Jr. How cool is that?!

Please, help me continue in this competition by leaving a comment on Mahalo Daily. I truly appreciate the support. 🙂