The BacheLON, Episode 1

The Mahalo Vlog Idol continues.  The top 20 were narrowed down to the top 12 and those 12 have entered the Bachelon!  This was a far better round for me.  I was comfortable doing the “man on the street” competition and the judges were impressed…even Alex!  I am featured in the first episode…check it out.


4 responses to “The BacheLON, Episode 1

  1. Congrats on making it to the next round!

    I do like your sideways skipping technique… you probably got extra points for that.

  2. I am like so geeked for you, hince TheFemGeek, hahaha. You did great, that is your thing. Between the Obama/Clinton run and Mahalo Idol, you guys got me on my the edge of my seat. Well, I’ll admit at long as you’re in the running.

  3. Pretty awesome, good luck with the competition.

  4. Sarah, your still Mahalo’s best choice for the job

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