Facebook Group

I think I’ve made it clear that Twitter is my favorite social networking site online. My second favorite is a tie between Flickr and Facebook. Today, I decided to make a Facebook group. This seems like a clean, organized way to keep my peeps up to date. I like that members contribute as well. We know how much I love interactivity! Here’s the link if you are interested in joining.

Then, as I twittered that I was setting up the group, Larry Miller (@connectedgeek), replied by making a Facebook Fan Group for me. This is pretty silly but definitely fun. I am in no position to have a fan club but I have to admit its pretty flattering to have someone set one up. Thanks Larry!


8 responses to “Facebook Group

  1. That is what fans are for 🙂 to make it fun 🙂

  2. I think it’s awesome to have a group and a fan group as well. We all think you’re great Sarah…

    Also… it’s a nice way to meet other folks who like your work as well. SO… this is a win-win… methinks 🙂

  3. Brilliant Idea! Wish I had thought of that!

  4. If your Internet career can enable you to sustain a fan club then, I say you rock it like Jay Lo’s Ba-Donka-Donk.


  6. Plurk is an upcoming rival to Twitter.

  7. Lucky you with a fan club. I think I should start a Slackmistress fan club for my wife as I can’t be the only fan of hers . To be fair I’m the only one who gets to touch her butt. Now i’m getting off topic.

  8. @Ross: I have not heard great things about Plurk so I haven’t jumped on that yet. Let me know what you think about it.

    oh, and…betheboy did start a club for his wife, Slackmistress Appreciation Society. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=15774349036

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